CA General Engineering "A" License # 530-816-0019


Crescent Diving & Contracting, Inc. (CDCI), is an Underwater and Marine Construction and Inspection Business

Crescent Diving & Contracting managementOur business is founded on a partnership of three colleagues in the diving industry who wanted to set a higher standard. We recognized in each other a common integrity and ethic to provide the highest quality and workmanship we could achieve.

In 2005 we founded CDCI with a base business concept to provide complete “turnkey” services for a variety of applications based upon a foundation of sound technical standards and innovative solutions to marine and underwater challenges.

Our business philosophy is to combine the collective skills and talents of the crew and pursue a straightforward approach to the diving industry. We know the “work” is happening in shadows far from direct observation where business as usual presents the opportunity to compromise. Our business model is to make what is happening “down there” as transparent and accessible as possible to insure our Clients “up here” get what they ask for, what they expect and what they deserve: a quality product and a professional approach.

Our Officers and Key Personnel have been in this business a long time, we’ve seen it done right, we’ve seen it done otherwise and we know the difference. We believe that honesty and integrity have a place in this business. We know it can be done well and in concert with our ethics. The work may be out of sight but we will give you confidence that it is done right.

Our management policy is to maintain open lines of communication and a single point of contact clearly identified for every job we do. A successful diving operation is a balanced operation of field and office talent. Therefore the resumes you see at the front end of our engagement will be the talent you see in the field after the notice to proceed, with every intention of being there to the final item of the punch-list.

We honor our promises to Clients and Employees alike. We replace the bait and switch mentality of a bottom line and focus on the development and growth of the company as a whole to raise the bar for all involved.