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Sulphur Bank Terra.

Wether we are subcontracting, partnering or providing turnkey services, CDCI is prepared to provide support for all aspects of the work including project engineering and/or construction engineering. Our landbased operations include flyaway and containerized construction facilities. Our core employees have extensive experience in civil and offshore projects including all aspects of both waste and potable water conveyance, storage and treatment from headwaters to the sea. Our personnel have supervised operations aboard floating and non-floating platforms ranging from modern Saturation DPDSV's including: FPSO's, 5,000+ Ton Derrick Barges, Large Jack up boats, Drill rigs and Ships to Sectional Barge deployment and Smaller Workboats in limited access and sometimes hostile conditions. In every case safety is our priority. We are specialists with above water, intertidal and subaqueous infrastructure assessment, construction and maintenance. Our remote access methods and diverless interventions offer alternatives in hard to reach places. Nacimiento. Our comittment to a professional service does not end in the field. We take pride in our documentation and aim to deliver a quality product from beginning to end to include meaningful reporting and imaging of our work. If you require shop and as-built drawings we can provide them. If you require site survey and inspection for pre-bid, post bid or QC, we can provide it. We will review your BMP's, JHA's and site safety plans on request. It is our intention to be a part of the solution.


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